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December Jobs for the Garden

Category Garden Published 1 December 2018

December Jobs for the Garden

Stay on top of your greenery, indoors and out, this December with the below guide to seasonal garden jobs.

Harvesting Festive Veg

With Christmas coming around fast, you can improve your festive spread with a batch of beautiful, home-grown veggies - we knew mall that time spent in the garden would pay off. Brussel sprouts are a classic to have ready for the table, as well as previously planted broccoli and parsnips.

As well as watching out for common garden pests for those still growing though, such as slugs, snails and aphids, you also need to be vigilant in preventing frost from settling to make lighter work of digging up vegetables. One way to keep harmful frost at bay is to create a homemade insulated blanket with bin liners and cardboard or straw to protect the ground below.

Seasonal Lawn Care

On top of guarding your prize veg, December is also a key time to take greater care when it comes to your lawn. As the weather chills, it’s important to try and keep foot traffic to a minimum as, while it’s true your green landscape is fairly robust when it comes to wear, when exposed to harsh weather conditions, it may not be as tolerant.

To keep your grass looking and feeling fresh for when spring and summer settle in, make only necessary trips on frosted tips and, if you can brave the dropping temperatures, cut closer to the grain next time you mow your lawn, whilst taking care not to scalp the surface, to keep turf stress to a minimum. Also keep your green space clear of any leaves and debris to optimise light and moisture absorption.

Keeping House Plants Happy

Come back to a happy home bustling with life, starting from the inside out, don’t forget to care for your house plants. When winter settles in, it’s time to gradually cut back on watering to keep your plants healthy, it’s important to allow the compost to dry a little more between waters and ensure any excess is draining correctly.

There’s also no need to continue feeding your plants during the colder months, with the best times being between March and September for liquid feeds, when your flora is actively growing.

You may also want to consider a quick renovation especially for your plants; easily strip away old foliage to reveal a houseplant you can display with pride, after which you can nurse back to full health and happiness.

The winter season comes with a few enemies though, a main issue being leaf browning. If you’ve noticed your leaves starting to turn or fall off your houseplants completely, it may be time to consider it’s positioning, as draughty areas and fluctuating temperatures could be causing your plant ill well. Other common problems, such as leaf deformation and secretions, can also be controlled by regulating temperatures and adapting watering habits as per plant health.

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